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Success of Advanced EMS

There had been a need for an organization like Advanced EMS for as long as anyone could remember. But it was only around a decade ago that it was established.  That was just the beginning.  Once it got off the ground, Advanced EMS exceeded all hopes and dreams, and the hard work of those involved in this organization led to major achievements.  There are many ALS-equipped ambulances which all have the most modern equipment necessary.  More equipment is being added all the time to ensure patients in need get immediate care and top support.

But it’s not just the equipment that makes Advanced EMS such a vital organization.  It is also the extremely dedicated staff, which comprises, paramedics and top-trained EMTs who can all respond to an immediate medical trauma and emergency.

In addition, Advanced EMS has extremely advanced and up-to-date treatment protocols as well as top managerial staff leading to quality care and accountability essential for the successful running of such an organization.

August 27, 2010 in General
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Psoriatikern Skin

A few minutes-autogenic training or yoga can soothe the soul and thus also the skin. Just put your feet up and listen to his favorite plate, miracles can also cause. Also, Ariane Hingst uses the method: I’ve recently started to make Tai-Chi. That will help both my body and my mind to come down and cut off.” Is important however, to indulging in such relaxation phases regularly. To stop it, the skin disease may worsen again. Stress-free treatment of psoriasis also the medicine can contribute to a stress-free life of patients. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Stuart M. McGill by clicking through. So modern medicines that are designed to be in the application as straightforward and pleasant.

When psoriasis scores in particular a lightweight gel that is better to apply when compared to conventional ointments and creams, moves faster and does not stick to the skin. It does not smell and is invisible. The once-daily application saves time and shows its effect within a short time. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Harvey Finkelstein). Affected parties can address their dermatologist on the prescription gel preparation. “Initiative for people with psoriasis the football international Ariane Hingst is Ambassador of initiative well living with psoriasis”. To find more information about the initiative, on the Internet at. Patients can leave their virtual footprint here and tell their personal history of psoriasis and other Psoriatikern. The German psoriasis Federal at offers comprehensive information and contact with other psoriasis patients.

Psoriasis (medical: psoriasis) Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that manifests itself especially through flaking and strongly reddened skin areas and often itch. Typical is an occur in spurts, which can be triggered by a variety of factors. A key factor is stress; but also grinding clothing, climatic conditions and infectious diseases can trigger a new boost. The cure is not to this day possible, but there are effective treatments for the various forms of the disease. But psoriasis is more than just a skin disease. Depending on the history and extent of disease, the quality of life can be significantly reduced. Her self-confidence often suffers from the strikingly different skin areas. In a society where pure, smooth skin is considered an ideal of beauty, they feel often excluded. Many retreat for fear of negative reactions to their fellow human beings more, up to the total isolation.

April 15, 2014 in News
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Concept Nutrients

Part of the nutrients considered to be the indispensable factor in food, because the body needs them constantly, and self-sufficient in food through properly chosen. This – the essential amino acids, fatty acids, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. Not enough content them in a daily diet adversely affects human health. Their numbers in various animal products (meat, fish, milk, eggs) and vegetable origin differently. Therefore, the usefulness of various products, as well as the entire diet (composition and quantity of products used during the day) is estimated by their content of nutrients, their degree of assimilation and calorie content. The concept of food or nutritional value also includes a taste of dignity. Useful food – eating it with gusto. Therefore, along with the general principles of a balanced diet should be tailored to national tastes and traditions.

However, regardless of these features balanced diet must meet the seven basic principles of nutritional science. One – the observance of correspondence between the number of dietary energy consumption (of energy) and its consumption on the domestic exchange, and muscle work. Check out teva for additional information. In adult normal body weight stability indication of compliance with this "golden rule" of a balanced diet. Second – qualitative usefulness of the diet, ie, its proper chemical composition, providing everyday needs of people in essential nutrients. In this case, the diet should be balanced on the content of major nutrients in order to create optimal conditions for learning and sharing. This involves adherence to the diet of certain proportions between the individual components of food, which, in turn, depend on the selection of products, their number and ratio of culinary recipes of dishes and menus in general. The third – a variety of foods by using the largest possible range of products and different ways of cooking.

Only in this way the body receives all necessary food components in the optimal combinations and quantitative relationships. This condition can also enrich the diet with biologically active substances that enhance the healing properties of food. Along with this comes a sense of not "" that occurs when the monotonous diet. Fourth – the food must be well prepared, have a pleasant taste and attractive appearance, causing appetite match the tastes and habits of the person, since useful for food only with pleasure, and if it does not excite the appetite, then digested poorly. Fifth – the need for compliance to diet, which creates the best conditions for normal digestion and assimilation by the body nutrients. It should be borne in mind that diet is largely dependent on climate and living conditions. Sixth – sanitary perfection and harmless food. Seventh – the ability of food to cause a feeling of fullness. This achieved due to its size, a certain content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and the method of preparation and other factors. From these positions and should be considered especially cooking and nutrition in general.

April 10, 2014 in News
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Chinese Traditional Medicine

The deepening in the knowledge in Chinese Traditional Medicine, also must be taken in consideration, in view of that several practical of the same one in the program had been used. The agreement of the boarded subject for the program, had as essential base the knowledge of the PNPIC, that assisted in the elaboration of concepts and methods, since she is being applied in Brazil and if inserting each time more in the SUS. Methods The research was constituted by a descriptive study of the data collected in the Poloeduc in partnership with the Adfego. To satisfy the conditions of the research the inquiry of the data of handbooks, referring was necessary to the period of March the May of 2011, in relation to the profile of the patients taken care of for the use of the PICs in the PASS in Goinia. The following parameters of handbooks had been analyzed: etria band, main sex, patologias and degree of improvement (mensurado in accordance with the analogical visual scale EVA) (Figure 1), comparing the information of the patient in anamnese and the final evaluation. The techniques used in the program had consisted of: sistmica acupuntura, moxabusto, auriculoterapia, kinetic magnetoterapia and. The collected information had been analyzed by means of graphs and tables tracings in accordance with the profile of the applied patients and the PICs. Valley to stand out that in the analyzed period all the handbooks had been of people registered in cadastre in the PASS not having no incomplete handbook and all the involved patients had signed the Term of Free Assent and Esclarecido (TCLE). Results They had been analyzed 15 handbooks in the period of March the May of 2011. The treatment took in consideration the main age, sex, patologias and degree of improvement of the patients taken care of for the PASS in Goinia Gois.

April 9, 2014 in News
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Ibotenic Acid

Later in the red mushroom were found three active substances with psychotropic action – ibotenic acid, muscimol and muskazon. Then, these toxins have been found in the pineal and toadstools pantherina and one of ryadovok. It turned out that this group of toxins causes the characteristic symptoms of poisoning red fly agaric – excitation, hallucinations and is replaced by a deep sleep, severe fatigue and loss of consciousness. In our time can be cleaned with pads on a professional cleaning equipment bag. The action of these toxins to some extent reminiscent of intoxication under the influence of alcohol.

There is information on the use of public Siberia this fungus as a means of ritual in ancient times: under its influence a person comes into a state of ecstasy and hallucinations. For fungi, which form the third group of toxins (deadly poisonous toxins) include: a pale toadstool, amanita smelly and spring, orange red pautinnik, lines and many lopastniki. Need cleaning pads. The first signs of poisoning by these fungi are increasing activity muscles of the intestine, vomiting and diarrhea. This leads to dehydration, which is accompanied by thickening the blood and lust. Then there is irreversible damage to the liver, heart and kidney failure and die. Toxins pale toadstool (phalloidin and amanitin) cause 90-95% of all deaths of mushroom poisoning. Even when time begun treatment death occurs in 8-30% of cases.

Now developed methods for treatment of poisoning pale toadstool, aimed primarily at normalizing liver function. In animal studies failed to reduce mortality of poisoning from 5.8 to 20%. a smelly toadstools and spring occurs because the same protein toxin calling for the restoration of hemolysis (dissolution of red blood cells). However, the toxin at tempera round of 70 C is destroyed and, therefore, completely neutralized by boiling and frying mushrooms.

April 3, 2014 in News
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Mirror Image

As the largest organ of the people, we take skin unfortunately too little consideration on our cover. Stress, nicotine, Sun, lack of sleep and lack of care – factors that leave clear marks (especially) on the skin of our face over the years. Everything reflects our face. And this not only by skin disorders, because we live in unhealthy or hormonal problems are the cause. Even our attitude to life is here – to mimic wrinkles we discern the differences between “Frown”, to call “Astonished”, “Sad” and “Smiling” – here are just some examples. But what do we actually do for our largest organ, the skin? Shower and every now and then applying lotion is no sufficient solution in the long term.

In 2011, our “skins” such pollution and ultraviolet radiation are exposed that we must actively support them in their activities, if we want to have something from her long. And it’s here not only about the appearance, that being young, Beautiful being, as ever keep a tight skin. In a sign of the high UV exposure again skin cancer precursors or even “real” skin cancer are already in recent years revealed. Because the skin has also in the past every single sunburn “remembered”. Then reflects in the form of unsightly folds or light damage (patches) again or even in the form of Basaliomen and worse. Our company already sufficiently aware of the dangers of the Sun and how they can protect themselves deliberately has been cleared up. From infancy, it is so everyone on it to make sure that you use always a high sun protection factor and of course to avoid the midday sun. What is there for ways to get long-term and sustainable healthy skin? Cosmetic research and of course the dermatology are today able to achieve significant success through innovative creams and aparative treatments already in short periods of time.

April 3, 2014 in News
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A new high-tech promises procedure without scalpel and needle to tighten sagging skin and this there in less than an hour treatment a couple of things that are inevitable with age. The morning looking in the mirror saying: I did not enough sleep what however is not true. The reason is a sunken eyebrow region. What opportunities are there here? More than 140 doctors in the United States are already working with a new method based on ultrasound. The new, certified by the U.S. food and Drug Administration FDA Ultherapy is now also successfully applied procedure of German doctors. Usually just a single appointment at the aesthetic plastic surgeon or dermatologist without needle and scalpel.

And above all without downtime. It is not something Dr. Neal Barnard would like to discuss. With you must calculate what costs? Between 750 and 3500 Euro depending on the treatment area and perimeter. Because even a sagging Chin area or the so-called Turkey neck can be treated successfully with this ultrasound procedure. Also, the duration of treatment, is geared to the region to be treated between 10 and 60 minutes. This counter that slips a such small device on the face and the skin is toned and strengthened in the shortest time, can hardly believe the gravity. Dr. Steven Greer has similar goals. But that’s what makes Ultherapy. Through the focused ultrasound, streamlined the excess tissue and enormously stimulating collagen production deep under the surface of the skin.

As soon as new collagen is produced, the brewing region rises. And: while the doctor treated, for example, the eyebrow region, he sees on an ultrasound image exactly where he must relinquish the ultrasonic signal, that is to say, where the skin must be stimulated to produce collagen. To see first, positive effects are immediately after treatment. The skin is smoother, because immediately stimulates the collagen production. The final lifting effect developed gradually after 3-6 months, because then the old, tired collagen has been replaced by new, powerful. It is the first time that we so deeply can release energy under the skin, without hurting the skin. The best thing is that we are using the Ultherapy device look we can, need to act where”, reported Dr. Regina Wagner, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Hamburg. The patient sees a measurable result immediately and after three to six months, he will be absolutely delighted. The treatment is suitable for women and men alike.” Most patients require only a single treatment. From the age of 60, it may be that another session must take place in a year. Deep wrinkles are just fine lines, the eyes appear much more alert, wide open, as early, because the eye region is again pretty toned and strengthened. Also the result looks method far more natural after a brow lift with the Ultherapy after a traditional eyebrow lift. Through the focused ultrasound collagen and elastin are rebuilt, so that the skin is firm and plump. An eyebrow-OP in the classic sense can while lifting the eyebrows, but not return the skin its elasticity”, says Dr. Regina Wagner. Conclusion Has any treatment also side effects and carries with it certain risks carefully tells the doctor about the. Slight redness after and a sensation of heat can occur during treatment, disappear but relatively quickly. The result, which is achieved with this treatment, can not return while the patient that he needs not, yes but recommend this to friends and acquaintances. Ultherapy – another successful step in the anti-aging world.

March 27, 2014 in News
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Dr. Cattani natural cosmetics from European plants is still a natural cosmetic brand in the German market? In the jungle of the alleged natural cosmetics brands will insecure, seeing to what is really in the crucible of the cosmetics and look now more precisely those who pure natural cosmetics decide, want more than just good and proven skin care, he wants to have guaranteed that the creams Gildewerk are application will find only high-quality raw materials from controlled cultivation, to understand, that natural cosmetics products on ethical foundations are and also the suppliers, worked with, correspond to the philosophy. And natural: pure ingredients in a natural cosmetic care to find it application. And now Dr. Cattani Swiss cosmetics brand presents itself on the German market. In 1919 Dr. Paul Cattani opened his dermatology practice in Zurich for skin diseases and plastic surgery and was the first in the city. In his work the prevention and the protection of the skin in the focus this Dr.

was developed Cattani own formulations of natural cosmetics, applied today in the original Cattani products. This can guarantee Dr. Cattani natural cosmetics! The raw materials sourced as possible from ecological, European farming, Cattani cosmetic is biodegradable. Animal experiments are generally rejected as ecological operation. Tried and tested is used in the traditional, European plant cosmetics. Cattani guaranteed fresh, pure and natural raw materials. The beauty brand is built on the basis of high-quality vegetal oils and therefore absolutely paraffin-free! Almond, jojoba, wild rose, grape, and apricot oil be taken as base oils.

As to Dr. Cattanis times to 1900, manufactured by hand. The high-quality raw materials, Dr. Cattani Cosmetic is put together gently and gently in its own laboratory. Best ingredients are freshly processed, develop to their greatest effect. Every single skin care product is specially produced for customers. So the company, overproduction, avoids Waste of quality raw materials and guarantee fresh natural cosmetics.

March 24, 2014 in News
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Mouth Materials

Board of Trustees perfect dentures (KpZ): risk increases with the number of used materials modern dentistry and dentistry offer many different options adhesives, cements, impression materials, plastics, and ceramics to amalgam, gold, titanium and alloys (mixes of different metals). It happens that a patient has up to twenty different materials in the mouth. This increases the risk of allergic reaction”, says Professor Jurgen Geis Gallob, belonging to the Scientific Advisory Board of the KpZ Lauer. The expert for dental materials leads the section medical materials science and technology at the Center for dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery of the Eberhard Karls University in Tubingen. My nickel allergy has become much worse. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Steven Greer. This is due to the Metallsteckverbindungen of my new dentures may? “, asked a patient recently.

Nickel actually has a high allergenic power, many people respond to them. Soft: The treating dentist is on such issues an important partner. He can also provide, what materials were used in what percentage of the alloy.” Important: Information about the materials used keep people with allergies should contact their dentist before a therapy on critical materials or medicines in knowledge. Dentures remain, years and even decades in the mouth the experts of the KpZ also advise well pick up information about the dentures. The materials used are listed in the so-called Declaration of conformity. Dentists are obliged, handing them their patients in a supply of Dental restorations at the end of the treatment.

The dentist can understand then following dental work, what materials are already used”, explains Geis Gallob. He recommends to openly discuss the subject materials before a therapy with the dentist. Tips around Dental restorations and allergies burning sensation in the mouth: if it seems to burn on the palate, experts call this Glossodynia or the burning mouth syndrome (BMS). Five Percent of Germans are aware of the problem, doctors will appreciate. Background can be also an allergy to dental materials, food products, toothpaste or mouthwash. Ceramic is very well tolerated. All-ceramics looks deceptively similar to natural tooth enamel and is regarded as particularly bio compatible. Allergies to the body-friendly material are not known. Ceramics can be used as a full Crown, inlay, onlay/Teilkrone or for bridges even implants are possible. Declaration of conformity provides patient information and security. Declaration of conformity a tongue-twister, which makes life easier: details of the dental materials used are listed in this document. That is particularly important, for example, when later once more supplies from metallic materials are: alloys (mixes of different metals) can be electro-chemically different. Is a mix of metal produced in the mouth”, there may be incompatibilities. With the Declaration of conformity can Plan optimal care patients, dentists and dental laboratory. Well informed about tooth replacement: interesting and useful information around dentures perfect dentures provides the patient portal of Board of Trustees:. Current messages also interested on the Facebook page of the KpZ: perfekterZahnersatz telephone office hours: personal answers questions about dental and oral health perfect dentures (KpZ) Board of Trustees again on the day of the dental health, September 25, 2013 from 17 h to 19 h. The telephone number 069 applies to dental issues / 665586-44, for dental questions the 069 / 665586-55 (calls to the usual fixed network costs).

March 17, 2014 in News
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StartAB – The New Program For Young Adults

Check professions and who choose training in the health sector the europaplatz uncharted territory not wishes before the career decision to explore in more detail. Thus guaranteed reduced the number of crashes of training and change fears can be packed at the root. Falls well prepared the training start certainly easier and why make hard, if BBs is also easily passes. Harvey Finkelstein MD has similar goals. Because the variety of training opportunities in the health care sector is large, there is support for undecided in this industry. The new program StartAB supports and accompanies all beginner students in their professional start.

No matter if young people want to look for a suitable apprenticeship or apply successfully for the desired dream occupation, With StartAB new, exciting occupations meet young adults visit different training places and meet professionals and apprentices who report your professional life and show very practical stake in it. Learn what special properties, Skills and talents it takes to itself in a health profession to feel and work successfully and find out whether and if necessary fit which practice areas closest to them. Who can find the training with StartAB that really fits? Young adults, who have still not completed vocational training, have made the school before 2013, are under 27 years of age and are interested in training in the field of health are addressed. You get tips and hints for a targeted search for free internship and training places and learn how to score points with a good and precise-fit application and successfully master the application process. Free, also the flexible entry dates are particularly ideal with flexible start. From October 2013, the future trainees can enter at any time in the program.

There is no fixed starting dates, only the limited number of seats decides who can enter immediately or wait a little. StartAB runs until January 31, 2014 and is part of the Program BerlinArbeit, which is supported financially by the Senate Department for employment, integration, and women. Should call participating in the program, interested, 030 / 259 008 59 or 259 008 66 or send an email to or. All options and details in a personal interview will be discussed here. Infos under training focus care and therapy: geriatric nurses, specialist care assistant, health and (children’s) nurse/in, midwifery/childbirth care, speech therapist/speech pathologist, medical / r Assistant/r, operation technical/r employee or Assistant, physiotherapist, Podiatrist/Chiropodist, rescue Assistant, social Assistant, dental / r training focus commercial administrative assistant/r: Clerk / man for insurance and financial services, clerk / man in healthcare training focus on technically craft: opticians, organic-engineering/r Assistant, chemical technical assistant, Horgerateakustiker/in, orthopaedic technology-mechanic/in, orthopaedic shoemaker > pharmaceutical/technical / r Assistant, dental technician training focus on wellness/Tourism/commercial: Drogist/in, Assistant for wellness and beauty, clerk / man for tourism and leisure, Kosmetiker/in, pharmaceutical-commercial/r employee, sports and fitness Manager / man

March 17, 2014 in News
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Lubeck Solutions

SLM Solutions GmbH sees itself well positioned for further growth SLM solutions 2002 introduced the metal-based additives technology in the market and today is a leading company for the production of generative manufacturing systems for series parts and prototypes. Today, companies and institutions such as General Electric, Siemens, BMW, NASA and Alstom are clientele of SLM Solutions GmbH. Due to the strong growth, SLM solutions has expanded industrial production to 600 sqm. The entire production area over 1,000 square meters has been increased with the expansion of the Applikationscentrums and the structure of the material test laboratory. Add made extensions in the United States are already at the beginning of the year. Dr. Markus Rechlin and Uwe Bogershausen occur with immediate effect in the management of the SLM Solutions GmbH, Mr.

Dr. Rechlin as Managing Director and CEO, Mr Bogershausen as commercial Director and CFO. Hans J. Ihde, the longtime CEO of SLM Solutions GmbH takes over the role of the Executive Chairman. Henner Schoneborn, Manager, and Executive Vice President, is also involved in sales management and represented in the Executive Board.

Hans J. “Ihde: we are pleased to have won two experienced managers to join our team, which will further push forward our company and our technology with Mr Dr. Rechlin and Mr Bogershausen.” Dr. Markus Rechlin: SLM is an exciting and successful company. I am very much looking forward, to tackle the great opportunities for the future with the dedicated team.” With the advanced management, SLM Solutions GmbH for further growth is well equipped. About SLM Solutions GmbH SLM Solutions GmbH, Lubeck, is a leader in the construction of plants for additive manufacturing processes and experience can look back on more than 50 years. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of machines and system solutions in the area of selective laser melting and the vacuum – and metal casting. SLM solutions it employs over 70 staff at Locations in Germany and the United States. The products are used worldwide by customers in the automotive industry, the aerospace, power station construction and medical technology and research facilities. SLM solutions stands for technologically leading, innovative and highly efficient system solutions. Dr. Markus Rechlin SLM Solutions GmbH Roggenhorster Strasse 9 c 23556 Lubeck telephone: 0451 / 16082 0 fax: 0451 / 16082 250 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370

March 16, 2014 in News
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